Eutanasia/Excomulgados split CD

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EUTANASIA and EXCOMULGADOS were two bands belonging to the second generation of underground rock. Both made their phonographic debut with the cassette “Volume II” (December 1985) with two songs. The shared cassette appeared the following year. For this occasion each group recorded eight songs, six were new compositions performed by a new formation. “Qiqe” from Excomulgados takes the vocals on Euthanasia and Támira joined for “Enri” on the guitar. As happened in the first groups, its members alternated and shared the same space and ideas. They made punk rock with songs of protest and criticism of the social context. They adopted a position of rejection of institutions, considering that their purpose is the control and exploitation of human beings. School is the place where the acceptance of obsolete discourse is disguised with rote tests and questioning is punished. The economic crisis and its consequences are presented to young people in an environment of uncertainty about tomorrow. The “system” is like a machine that eliminates parts that do not keep up with overproduction and where value is measured in terms of money. These young people expressed their discontent through music. A cry against that reality that overwhelms and persists. The songs and the new young people remain.

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