Confusion - Shadows CD

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(Impulso Ruin Records)

Official Description:
Grindcore "CONFUSION" from Medellin, Colombia, South America, active since 1989!! Peru's IMPULSO RUIN has released a compilation CD that can be called a discography that includes unreleased demo sounds recorded in 2014 and additional classic sounds from the 90s. Co-released with FAMILIA SUBTERRANEA!! Raw & villainous South American noise grind!! 12 songs from 2014's unreleased demo "SHADOW" (some may be the same as the split cassette with SMG released by GRINDFATHER) Starting with the early 1st Flexi "Civiliza-tion...?" in 1990, "Hopeless" 7 inch in 1991, and 1993.
A total of 44 songs, including a split 7-inch with Arsedestroyer, a 2003 demo in which Alex Oquendo of Colombian cult death metal "MASACRE" participated on vocals, 11 rehearsal songs from 1991, and 6 live songs from 1991 (each included on one track) Track!! Angry South American brutal grindcore!! Grindcore to South American hardcore fans!!

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