Barricaded Suspects - Terminal Growth LP

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YGR Review:
I’m a fan of the 1983 Toxic Shock Records compilation Barricaded Suspects (whew that track by The Dull!), so why not peep this Nashville hardcore band by the same name? They play a youthful and loose form of hardcore-punk, the kinda sound that makes me think of warped backyard skate ramps, 7-Eleven parking lots and sparsely-attended local VFW firehall shows. All good thoughts! Terminal Growth is an appropriately jumpy record, recalling some of the lesser-known (but equally personally beloved) hardcore groups of the Y2K thrash era like Out Of Vogue and Puncture Wound, or any of the bands that came across like the frantic younger siblings of more established bands such as Nine Shocks Terror and Life’s Halt, if that makes sense to anyone besides myself. A touch of Brown Sugar is in there too, if Barricaded Suspects isn’t quite as personality-driven. Twenty-one tracks here and it moves fast, with throaty, out-of-breath vocals and drums that keep up 97% of the time. If you’re a hardcore-punk band and you’re not constantly pushing beyond the technical capacity of your drummer, you’re doing it wrong! I hear conflicting reports about Nashville, that it sucks and also rules, so I’m going to assume they’re both right, with Barricaded Suspects defiantly kicking against the authorities even with the understood knowledge that we can’t win, no way.

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