Ultra Bide - The Original Ultra Bide LP

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Alchemy Records, founded by Hiroshige JOJO in 1984 and led by himself, has started a reissue project of albums by the band Emergency Staircase, which followed a wide range of genres such as noise, punk, and psychedelic!

The band sounded like a car accident, with violent synthesizers and BIDE's nonsensical lyrics. The album was originally released on Alchemy Records in 1984, and it is now re-released on vinyl. Finally, it has been remastered and reissued! Ultra Bide was a quartet of JOJO Hiroshige, who later formed HARUKAI STAIRWAYS, Taiqui, who became the drummer of Ainsof, BIDE (HIDE), who is still active in Kyoto, and Kouichirou, who was a member of early Maher Shalal Hash Baz. Their astonishing sound, which had already established avant-garde punk in 1978, was not only cutting-edge at the time, but also had a huge impact on the underground scene of punk, noise, psychedelic, etc. that followed. The band is also known to be respected by the Osiripenes as their most influential band.

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