Split Tongue - Living in Sin City EP

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Official Description:
Hardcore Victim proudly presents a crucial new ep from Malaysian band Split Tongue. This ep offers up 5 relentless tracks of furious stripped down / no frills hc punk. Some of us at HCV had the privilege of watching this band's inspiring live set in 2019 at the legendary Rumah Api. We were floored- so when the band approached us to put out the ep we couldn't say no! Musically, the band draw their influence from us and uk bands like Negative Approach, 86 Mentality, Blitz, 4 Skins to contemporary bands like Violent Reaction. They sing about living life in Kuala Lumpur A.K.A sin city, the importance of community in a third world country where rampant corruption and class divide plagues society. Many have questioned the relevance of hc punk in todays society; well it is alive and the soundtrack to life in South East Asia and Split Tongue is the fist that delivers the punch. Recorded and mastered at Iseek Music studio by Moktharizal and mixed by the band's very own guitarist Gaga.

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