Sedem Minut Strachu/Cum Sock split tape

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(Sick Phoque Records)

In short: All my favorite dudes here. =)

A review:
Sometimes music can cure, some times not so much. Sometimes even simple noise can bring you back to normal life… My day was started with a stupid hangover and strong acute needs in some good noise. so I choose this yellow like piss tape and put it in my player… Well it actually helps, my head was cured with these lovely chaotic tunes and some cold beer. And now I want to write about this simple recipe. First of all you should mix two noisecore bands (from different sides of our planet), recorded their songs on tape (thanks Sick Phoque records), then play that shit at maximum volume and don't forget to add a few beers. 
Side A of this tape is something like shock therapy, Slovakian noiseheads Sedem Minút Strachu acting so harsh. That two bass guitar mess can crush your head. Honestly it's hard to believe that simple improvisation can be so aggressive, so silly and so heavy! A combination of wild yelling, roaring, screaming and mad drum beats (by the way, Jan has an interesting technic), low bass guitar sound and satanic harmonica makes this mess unique and memorable. 
And now we finally reached side B. Canadian Cum Sock is finishing our healing procedure. Seriously this small project cheers me up! This noise has so much punk influence, it sounds so great and goofy. Guitar is pretty dirty but, I can hear most of the riffs, caveman yelling makes this record even crazier. Part noise, Part punk, part hardcore… this mess is really nice. I`m feeling the guys had so much fun during this recording session, the emotions are perfectly transmitted and felt here. 
In the end I just only say that this tape became one of my favourite noise releases for year. 

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