Plastic Tones - Power Pop Testament LP

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Official Description:
We are about to release the 1st album of my favorite FINLAND POWERPOP/PUNK BAND!
Formed in 2014, PLASTIC TONES has been steadily increasing the number of people who are captivated in the past Japan with 4 EPs and MLP!
VOX POPULI releases PUNK/HARDCORE sound sources, but this album may be the least like that release so far. However, they are a band born from FINLAND PUNK SCENE, and the more you listen to songs that are far from PUNK/HARDCORE, the more you taste them, so I am confident that Japan PUNKS will growl.
This work is a joint release with PLASTIC RECORDS, the members' own label, but Japan Toyo Kasei Press in Japan!
I hope it will reach Japan punks and many other people!

IN 2014, PUNK/POWERPOP BAND "PLASTIC TONES" WAS BORN FROM PUNK/HARDCORE SCENE IN FINLAND. Fragments of ideas from the Incredible Kidda Band, Paul Collins Beat, The Shivvers, Blondie, Thin Lizzy, Ramones, Brian Eno, Rolling Stones, etc. Here in Japan they released their long-awaited 1st album which had gained tremendous support!
At the beginning of their formation, they had many so-called POWERPOP songs, but in this album, they are influenced by Japan city pop and other factors, keyboards are introduced, and while opening up new ground, the stance of "POWER" from the darkness hidden in the melancholy "POP" melody has not changed! !! The band's best album in history strikes your heart!!!

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