Nukkehammer - A Distant Hissing in Your Ear EP

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Nukkehammer maintains their status as the best kept secret of American punk music. One of the best bands in the game, but this mysterious second 7" has been lurking unreleased and near-forgotten for years. I got my copy at the unofficial record release show last fall and Dennis told me it'd be out "real soon" forward 10 months and the record's finally out for the masses to enjoy. And that's how you maintain kvlt status lol.

This EP sees a slightly more dynamic Nukkehammer. You may recognize some of your favorite songs from the demos ("Kills by Nuclear", "Skeletal Hand of Reagan", "Rebuild the Wall"), but some of the new tracks ("Cold Sleep", "Chainsaw of Storms") are a little heavier, a little more emphasis on atmosphere.
But the basic idea is the same: informed by all your favorite raw punk, d-beat, and crusty shit, but with an entirely distinct personality and flavor. Not a simple genre exercise and not a basic worship band, this is punk made with fluency and understanding, to create something that adds to the genre, not just borrowing from it. True greatness.

Now I think I remember hearing recordings for a third 7" all those years ago, Wes Samples showed me a new logo he made and a rough idea for cover art.....when's that going to drop??

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