Industrial Holocaust/Shitfun split 7"

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(Bringer of Gore Records)

We had the pleasure of playing with Industrial Holocaust in Sao Carlos and HOLY SHIT THEY WERE FUCKING AWESOME. One of the best performances of grind I've ever seen (same goes for Noise and Academic Worms too), just fucking beautiful shit. Definitely one of the all-time greats of the genre. It's our honor to do an Industrial Holocaust/Lotus Fucker split 7" next year, fuck.

On this split, there's no surprise, Industrial Holocaust continue their grind supremacy with a perfect recording of brutal noisecore. Fuzzy bass, searing guitar, loud pinging snare, reverb'd vocals, brutal straight-up blasting noisecore with little grind breaks....all the sonic characteristics you know and love about classic Brazilian noisecore. It's a beautiful thing, simply divine. Best band !!!!!!

We also had the pleasure of playing with Shitfun in Natal on our Brazil tour and they won me over pretty hard with their excellent mix of death metal and grindcore, of which their side here is a fine example. They play with the charisma and skill of two guys that LOVE punk/metal/grind and understand it fluently. Great shit!!

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