Atrofia - Programados Para El Caos LP

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(Logica Ciega Records)

Official Description:
If you fancy a bounce on your chair like a pogo stick, a bop of the head or a jiggle then look no further than Cartoon Network. if you fancy a chance to ruin your chair, fling your head around or act like a thing possessed, then tune into Atrofia's highly anticipated debut album 'Programado Para El Caos'. It comes loaded with insanely fast Thrash Metal, mixed with the Spanish language and a feeling that the drummer is tanked up on red bull. Seriously this album is a romping marathon of which is hard to keep up with, especially when air drumming or doing the air guitar. It seems that this Panamanian outfit have their craft sussed out, for every second it does not disappoint and leaves you quenching for more. Think Panama is only famous for the canal? Think again. Atrofia is set to place Panama's metal scene on the world stage

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