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THE CODES' early live recording "BALLROOM OF THE LIVING DEAD" LP. The recorded live sound source is the full HARDCORE 2DAYS sound source of live performance at OUTSIDER (V.A)! The flow of the live performance attacking these three songs before and after the outsider recording [Kim, I LOVE YOU, DEAD BOADY] gives me goosebumps. This phrase alone should give you an idea of the value of this sound source.

And in March of '83, which had not yet been released to the world, he recorded a live performance at Fussa Chickin Shack. The accompanying booklet is impeccable with the cooperation of An Ideal for Living. As the members boast that it is a great work, it has become a valuable historical book that is more than worth seeing. It features a huge collection of unpublished photos of members and related parties, numerous flyers, a timeline of live performances, and long interviews. Minoru and Matsumura talk about the hidden side and episodes of that time for the first time.

The mastering of the live sound source is handled by Mr. Nakamura of PEACE MUSIC. The sound quality and sound pressure have been dramatically improved, and the content has become stimulating with a sense of liveliness and breath of the scene. A total of 28 tracks and 29 songs are recorded, and the atmosphere of the time is wonderfully packed. Please check it together with the details up to this point described in the information. Our condolences to the late THE COMES guitarist, Naoki Ito.

82/9/22 Shinjuku LOFT Disinfection GIG vol.06 HARDCORE 2 DAYS
1.Opening - Unscrupulous Office
3.ANTI UK (Bastard)
4.For Everyone
7.Iikini Narunayo
10.PUBLIC CIRCLE 11.Illness

16.HEAVY METAL (DIS) 17.H-bomb (Escape

82/3/2 Fukusei CHICKEN SHACK

25.Kim 26.I LOVE YOU

Booklet A4:
21cmx29.7cm Full color 44 pages

In the early 80s, one of the representative bands of the early days of HARDCORE PUNK in Japan "The COMES" As a HARDCORE PUNK band, the first female vocalist in Japan "CHITOSE" has had a vocal style, hasty and aggressive sound from the time of its activity It has had a strong impact, and now, 40 years later, it has gained followers all over the world and has gained a true global reputation.

The first phase ended after less than two years of activity from the live debut on June 16, 82 to the live performance on March 24, 84.
After that, after a member change, the second phase of activities began.

This work is a valuable live recording of the first period, and an interview with the two members of MINORU (bass) and MATSUMURA (drums), including the history from the formation of The COMES to the end of the first season!
A lot of mostly unpublished photos provided by the people involved! A release that can be said to be the definitive edition of The CODES, which includes a flyer (flyer) and a booklet containing a live chronology in A4 size and a booklet of 36 ~ 40 pages!

In the first place, the reason for the release was that it was better to put it out into the world than to put it out into the world rather than leaving the live sound source owned by DADDY-O-NOV, who hosted EMOTIONAL MARKET at Shinjuku JAM in the early 80s. This is the starting idea. After many twists and turns, the sound source was not released, but the label name was changed to "EMOTIONAL MARKET" and two live sound sources that were discovered separately were released!

The first was a live performance at Shinjuku LOFT on September 22, 82. There should be many people who are pinned by this date and place, yes, this live will be held as Disinfection GIG Vol.6 HARDCORE 2DAY and will be the recording date of The COMES sound source of the album "OUTSIDER" released by DOGMA RECORDS
! Only 3 songs were recorded in "OUTSIDER", but this time the entire live performance was recorded from the member's own master on the same day!
The enthusiasm of the historic live performance is directly transmitted!

The second is a sound source at Fussa CHICKEN SHACK on March 2, 83 that even the live tape trader will not know! The flyer on this day was the band GAUZE, but for some reason they could not appear, and it seems that The COMES appeared instead. The live performance of the day is left in the hands of the organizer, and this is the first time it has been released! NO SIDE recording Riding the momentum of a few months ago Powerful Live!

Many songs that have not been included in "NO SIDE" are also performed at the two live performances, and together with the booklet, it is a valuable release!


CHITOSE (vocals) NAOKI (guitar) MINORU (bass) MATSUMURA (drums)

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