Responding to all this stuff on Instagram

Posted by -Dan on 8/1/2020
This all played out on Instagram while Scott and I were each indisposed with our own personal matters, but by the time I came home, seems like everything has sorted itself out, cause this other distro took down their own post on their own

July 2020 New Arrivals

Posted by -Kamikaze Dan on 8/1/2020
Hello world, Okay we're going to squeeze a July e-mail in at the last possible moment. The first half of the month was particularly grueling for me, because of my job. Coronavirus has really thrown us into a state of chaos, and I was pushing

June 2020 New Arrivals

Posted by Kamikaze Dan on 6/21/2020
Hello world,  Well we all know the USA has been a pretty exciting and stressful place since last month's big mass e-mail. This month's e-mail is late getting out because I've been so busy with protest stuff and busier than ever at work,

May 2020 New Arrivals

Posted by -Kamikaze Dan on 5/23/2020
Hello world,  I hope everybody is still surviving and maintaining okay. In my own life, the last two-three weeks have been the utmost in brutality, because of my job. We're in a wild frenzy at the moment, I've been working particularly
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