X-Video - Like Flies on Shit/I Don't Need It LP

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Official Description:
70's Style Killer Punk Band "X-V. from Osaka. I.D.E.O"!! A 12 version combining two singles, 1st 7 EP I DON'T NEED IT and 2nd 7 EP LIKE FLIES ON, has been released by UK/NO FRONT TEETH!!
Last month, the 2nd EP LIKE FLIES ON, which was released from the independent label INSTANT SEX in April 2022, is a big hit even in our shop! ! The 1st EP released in 2018 was also sold out in the blink of an eye after its release, but those two albums are included in the coupling!! With this release, there is no doubt that it will become even more known to overseas punk fans!! The 2nd 7" EP will have been picked up by many punk fans, but for those who learned from the 2nd EP and those who missed out on buying the 1st EP, it is a happy release!! Of course, those who have both will also have this Coupling 12" version!! 3 songs from the 1st EP and 3 songs from the 2nd EP, all 6 songs are included!! Because it is a limited edition of 272 sheets, it is sure to sell out immediately!!?? UK edition, it is a little expensive, but please do it as soon as possible! !

X-V. From
our comments on I.D.E.O 2nd EP LIKE FLIES ON, 4 members such as ex-VICTIMS, ex-Zyanose, Thee Mighty Fevers, MAN AGAINST MAN, NOW OR NEVER, HOIST, GORDON IVY & THE JAYBIRDS etc. It has been a long time since the 1st EP that sold out, and it has been a long time since the new EP!! The solid, cool sound remains the same, chopped up with sharp, sharp and tight 70s style punk rock!! 99% PURE PUNK ROCK!! 77 PUNK~KBD From PUNK fans to Japanese PUNK lovers around REGISTRATORS~CHLOROFORM!!

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