War Effort - What's the Ballot Done for You? tape

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Demo cassette from this Chicago band featuring a bunch of familiar names from that city’s fertile DIY hardcore scene. According to the band, War Effort started as an experiment in writing and recording a hardcore EP in one day. I’m not sure if this cassette is that session, a refined version of it, or something else, but regardless it’s excellent. As you might expect, it has a loose and off-the-cuff feel, the riffing straightforward but not boring and the playing intricate and locked in for something that was conceived so quickly. Plenty of great music comes from refining ideas, but sometimes you get the best results by just finding the right headspace and letting rip, which is what sounds like happened here. Fans of Discharge’s Swedish heirs will love everything about this, as will those of you who have worn out your Bloodkrow Butcher recordings. Ripping shit.

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