Vindictives - self-titled EP

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(Hardcore Survives)

Official Description:
Tokyo Female Vocal Punk Band "VINDICTIVES"!! 1st 7-inch EP with 3 songs released by HARDCORE SURVIVES! !! Following the self-released CD, a new sound source by the current members! !! A sharp and thrilling sound that makes you feel the flow from around UK girls punk THE SLITS! !! This is cool!! Don't miss out! !! Includes 3 songs, "KELVIN", "SECTOR2", and "Future Empire"! Female vocal punk ~ Come for post-punk fans! With Japanese translation insert! !! Limited to 250 sheets!

The Slits/Siouxsie and the Banshees/X-ray Spex, their sound would have been influenced by bands like this.
When I first heard it, Hardcore Survives immediately reminded me of SWISS's 80's girl band Chin-Chin and UK's Vice Squad. 100% PURE PUNK ROCK that is both POP and supple and rugged! NewWave/Post Punk's refractive feeling and solid aggression is REAL UNDERGROUND MUSIC cultivated in a live house where elephants and elephants wriggle. A new wave of the 2020 generation that is different from nostalgia, which shows the depth of music that rejects categorization! Now the fire is lit.
All 3 songs / 250 sheets press

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