V/A - Up Yours 2 comp LP+EP

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Official Description:
In 1997, the Philippine label Middle Finger Records released the first part of the compilation. An overview of the diverse Filipino punk scene, a current contemporary document, such as in Germany perhaps the vitamin pill series in the 1990s or the "Sicher gibt es bessere Zeiten" series. More than two decades later comes the second part - a current synopsis of Filipino punk bands, not a retrospective, but on the pulse of time. 11 tracks on the LP and five bonus songs on 7", which have it all. A diverse overview, from street punk, punk rock, wave punk, hardcore to ska and reggae with legendary bands such as Bad Omen, Betrayed (who released on the equally legendary Twisted Red Cross label in the 1980s), Istukas Over Disneyland or Aggressive Dog Attack, as well as new bands such as The Skeleton Years, Count Kutu & The Balmers or Disoblige and Monthly Red, known from their split EP with the Berlin Raskolnikoff.

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