V/A - Spews Rot and Destroys Civility: A Finnish Noisecore Compendium 12"

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Official Description:
Garbage Fountain zine is, in my opinion, one of the true bright spots in the current landscape of punk/grind/noise. While I enjoy punk's constant backwards-focus as much as the next nerd, unfortunately I live in 2023 and I'm most interested in what's happening around me, in my life, in my world. While historical documentation is a dime a dozen in punk (even my best friend's husband is publishing another book on the history of DC punk at the publishing company he works at!), there's only so much meaningful documentation of current bands that seems to happen in print anymore.

Just as Garbage Fountain introduced me to an exciting noise world happening beneath the surface in a far distant land, I'd like to help Garbage Fountain introduce it all to you too.

Spews Rot and Destroys Civility is a survey of the current landscape of Finnish noisecore, personally curated and designed by its world ambassador, Mikko of Garbage Fountain zine. SPHC is just ensuring its worldwide accessibility.

New generation of Finnish noisecore is smashing your music! Don't miss it!

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