V/A - Odio Sus Guerras LP

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Official Description:
With this compilation of 22 bands from 10 cities in Colombia I want to spread the musical process of many punx bands from Colombia who persevere every day and seek to awaken with their music and lyrics a social change to improve the quality of life and express their nonconformism to this world that is self-destructive by the ambition and the power of our false governors. The punk metal scene in Colombia grows by giant steps every day with more enthusiasm and perseverance which fills me with much happiness and pride for that I support them and I believe a lot in all you who struggle with strength and humility
The corrupt Colombia is immersed in a war of hunger, misery and poverty marked by the pain of a youth struggling to survive in the midst of corruption. In Colombia, war is the biggest lucrative business for the bourgeois classes and they lead the country to the chaos which benefits to only some families that run the country.
Education and health opportunities are minimal
Leading the peasants to forcibly emigrate from the countryside to starve to death in the streets begging for a roof and a piece of bread,
We are a country with no luck so with this compilation I want to shout at all these shitty governments that we all hate their unfair whores wars.
I deeply thank all the punx of Colombia for having believed in this compilation and supporting me with their bands in moving this project forward.
These 22 bands are some of the many bands that exist in Colombia that every day take the shit to make a better place to live and realize their ideals of freedom.

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