V/A - No Hemos Muerto CD

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Official Description:
late 80s/early 90s PERUVIAN HARDCORE/METAL COMPILATION!! Originally planned to be released on LP as the first PERUVIAN HARDCORE/METAL compilation, it did not materialize, and the compilation album was released on cassette tape in 92 as the first work of Coyote Records, a record store run by the guitarist of Nada Tuyo!! 30 years after the cassette release, IMPULSO RUIN reissued it on CD in 2022! !! All 10 hardcore/metal bands from the Peruvian underground scene of the early 90s participated! Hardcore and metal mix, one piece that gives you a glimpse of the scene at that time! !! Hadez, Desarme (Desarme seems to be added to this CD.) From well-known bands such as to bands in the underground scene that smell underground! !! Row & Primitive!! Metal & Hardcore!! Among them, Decision Final will be a melodic approach that makes you feel the influence from the United States, and you will discover new things! !! Speaking of greed, it would have been better if the details of the band had been posted. PERUVIAN HARDCORE/METAL MANIACS!! 18 tracks!! Specification with band! !!

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