V/A - A La Mierda Sus Fronteras comp LP

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(Ruido Total Records etc)

2018 Latin Latin hardcore omnibus released by French Latin Slash hardcore label Ruido Total Records!

Includes a booklet with artwork for each group!
Famous (?) Places include USNYC's HUASIPUNGO (Did you still do !?), our familiar Spanish BETOE, Canada's MALDITA, Germany's INDIAN NIGHTMARE, Switzerland's RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA!
When I looked into it, BETOE was a song that was recorded only on the best disc cassette, MALDITA was a demo version of the song recorded on the album, but INDIAN NIGHTMARE, RUIDOSA RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA were already released songs, but it was indeed there Of the 27 groups of Ruido Total Records that are included, too many interesting groups that you know for the first time are included in the heap!

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