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A random review:
Mainstays of the Japanese grind scene, Unholy Grave have a discography as long as most of their songs are short – so, very. Over the years, they’ve never lost their passion for short bursts of FETO-style grinding rage, with lyrics that recall the early days of the genre, all about social issues, politics, and anti-fascism. Of all their records, Revoltage is the one I come back to year after year; it may not be their best (but with 162 or so releases, who can judge?), but it’s a great example of the band’s energy and raw-as-fuck grind assault.
Following the superfluous, retro-synth introductory track, Revoltage wastes no time in taking us back to the late 80’s, when grind was still in its formative years. The songs are short – only ‘Victims Grief’ lasts longer than two minutes – and race by in a whirlwind of frantic blasts, hyperspeed riffage, and vocalist Takaho’s distinctive delivery – part mocking, part angry, but always done with sincerity. Unholy Grave aren’t reinventing grind, and nor are they trying to – their music is a celebration of the genre at its most pure and direct, without any outside influences; though it is worth noting that they release splits with non-grind bands. They’re the kind of band who could quickly take over your life, and ruin not just your stereo, but also your bank balance. But when the grind is this good? Totally worth it.

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