Totally Cracked - Bala Boi Biblia EP

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Official Description:
Totally Cracked was the end result of 7 dudes in São José Dos Campos taking 24 hours out of their wild BBQ party weekend to spontaneously jam out some hardcore in the timeless American style that everybody could agree on: USHC like Minor Threat and Circle Jerks, carried forward by modern bands like Government Warning and Career Suicide. From that starting point, they followed the unarguably perfect formula of 10 songs in 10 minutes, written on the spot, covering all the topics on their minds and emotions in their hearts at that moment, giving everyone a chance to participate and play something somewhere.

This is hardcore as a transient moment in time, spontaneous and topical and fleeting, a moment captured and documented so the future can know: at that time, they thought FUCK BOLSONARO and FUCK TRUMP.

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