Total Jerks/Boycott Sentence split 7"

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Official Description:
 Indonesian and Japanese hardcore bands launch a cross-border split 7 inch!

TOTAL JERKS formed in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2011 and bedded live in 2012. Sounds influenced by 80s hardcore bands Black Flag, Minor Threat, and 00s hardcore bands Formaldehyde Junkies and Amdi Petersens Armé made headlines in their home countries.

Around spring 2017, Shino-shit (Vo), Tsuji (Ba), Kurokawa (Drs) who were friends with band activities in Tokyo, respectively Maeda (Gu) formed with the aim of making the initial impulses of bands that appeared in those revivals such as U.S HARDCORE or CAREER SUITE and GOVERNMENT WARNING in the 1980s feel the initial impulse to play.
He makes copies of POISON IDEA, BLACK FLAG, BI-MARKS, etc. while making songs in parallel.
Then, in November, he performed his first live performance at What's Up in Uguisudani under the name of his own project YOU SUCK! At that time, a demo tape with 4 songs was released. Since then, he has been constantly playing live.
In the summer of 2019, split tapes with O.U.T in Sapporo formed at the same time were released from small DIY labels in various countries such as NECROS RECORDS in Indonesia and RAZORED RAW in New Zealand, starting with BULLWHIP RECORDS in Malaysia, and expanded the activity locations with Nagoya, Kyoto, Shizuoka, Yamagata, Sendai, Sapporo, and Seoul, Korea, although sporadic.
In this trend, THE WIPES and Split 7" EP in Tokyo, which came together as a live performance, were co-released on THE LABEL SKULL SCREAM RECORDINGS launched by TOO CIRCLE RECORDS, which is presided over by Mayeda in the summer of 2020, and Jun Shiina, the organizer of the live project SKULL SCREAM (cassette tape board was also announced by NECROS RECORDS in spring 2021).
Shino-shit left due to a difference in direction as not only the live environment but also society as a whole stagnated due to the new coronavirus from the beginning of 2020.
Jun Shiina joined as the second generation vocalist to fill the hole. He still performs mainly in Tokyo.

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