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On September 22, 2018, Shin-Okubo announced its disbandment at the "Worst LAST GIG in History" held at EARTHDOM, a legendary label that has produced domestic scum/noise/garbage bands for a long time since the 90s, the worst damn label in history. A new album by the Scum HC Band Toilet Hanako Band, which Makoto Suzuki, who is the representative of the group, says "Black History" is completed! The definitive edition of the superb Noise Fast HC with a false sign on it! The release source is a 2-disc set CD with a bonus disc that completely covers past sound sources supervised by members from the Far East extreme noise specialized label corpse cassette that inherited the worst spirits ever! Now, gather under the banner of Scum, everyone!

In the late 1990s, after working with the straw doll/conximen, Scum HC band Toilet Hanako Band was formed by Mr. Suzuki, the representative of the worst damn label (SSKL) in history. With Mr. Okada of the noise grind band Meat Slave, who was active mainly in Tokyo, he decided that "I don't care about the name of the band!" and released a split tape with Meat Slave from SSKL, which became an explosive hit. He has performed live mainly at the live house WATTS in Nishi-Ogikubo, Tokyo, and has participated in omnibus works from SSKL and cassette works of other labels. After that, he released his second split work with Meat Slave, a 7-inch record, from SSKL, and attracted attention from HC/Grind Freaks in Japan and overseas, but stopped his activities around 2004. Mr. Suzuki shifted the center of his musical activities to bands such as Hypocenter and Night Fall.
Then, in 2018, Mr. Suzuki dared to perform a live project "The Worst LAST GIG Ever" in which he stabbed Todome himself in SSKL's activities. At that time, when Hanako's band reunited live in the toilet "as if it were for fun", Mr. Suzuki's scum spirit was rekindled. Together with Freak Idol Wada, who was active in Hanako's band, we called together members of the Tokyo noise band HAIGAN and HC Punk Band Mosaicks, where Suzuki currently has vocals, and recorded a new sound source of Hanako's band in the toilet. The corpse cassette, who had been watching it with a sideways glance and a finger in it, was about to be released.

Well, this is the album "My Jukusei is Scum" by the new Toilet Hanako Band, but it is a work that the corpse cassette that all hardcore fans should check out without being misled by the word scum will release with confidence. Drums moving tight with blasting, strings that gracefully decorate the song, not too assertive but under an effective noise filter Screaming vocals. In addition to the influence from Fast/Grindcore, the songs that make you feel the essence of Royal Road Japanese HC are not only the musical skills and sense of the members, but also the outstanding skills of Mr. Motoki, the superb music artist aBiSyEikAh ? who worked on the mix of this work, became a tailwind. Over the course of more than 20 years, the Hanako Toilet Band's exploration of scum music blossomed into a one-of-a-kind junk hardcore sound!

The total design/art collage was created by FrozenPanty, a corpse cassette, and the layout was by Papa Records and Papa Big Papa (kito-mizukumi rouber). Book-off, Chrysanthemum Doll, Lick Cat, Kyushu Coming of Age Ceremony, Unsolved Case, African Kennel, Kokeshi, Curse Video, Tatsu-chan Doll, Stallone, Rice Bowl, Lady Pagoda, and other elements of the bad taste artwork should be checked out in detail. This album also comes with a bonus disc containing all the songs of the Hanako band of Toilet released between 1998 and 2004. Under the supervision of Hanako/HAIGAN drummer Katsuya Sugita, we spent about a year collecting ultra-rare works that even the members do not own. With the cooperation of the Bakatata label Demon Ghost, a full-volume bonus CD with 47 songs and 56 minutes of Hanako's Black History was completed. I hope you enjoy it for various purposes, such as listening to and comparing it with the songs re-recorded in the main series, and throwing and using it like Frisbee.

At last...

Hanako's grave marker doesn't need a name!!
If you die, in the wilderness of Scum!!

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