Thought Control - P.M.R.R.T.W. EP

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Official Description:
THOUGHT CONTROL is back with yet another explosive batch of fury and a fantastic follow up to their “Shock to the System” 7” we released back in 2021. “Psychos, Murder, And Rape Rule The World” (P.M.R.R.T.W) 7” unleashes six tracks of ferocious 80s inspired USHC and continues to push the no frills envelope we’ve grown to love from this outfit. The rhythm section lays the groundwork beautifully, and all and all seems to punch through a lot more on these recordings. Johns vocals are the standout again this time around, feverishly embedding his anger into catchy hooks that no mind can escape. If you fancied their first 7” or love the reminiscence of 80s USHC, then this is a must have for you collection!!!

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