The Wankys - self-titled EP

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Newest 7" by SPHC stalwarts The Wankys, one of the world's chief purveyors of noise punk. Of course they are playing straight-forward noise punk (nothing but braindrill guitars, bouncing bass, and drill beats to be found here) but they have an extensive enough catalog and a unique enough vision that they no longer qualify as "sounding like X", they just sound like themselves.

I think this is their best record in a few years. While the last few releases have been a little cleaner, more mid-tempo, more rocking, these 4 songs harken back to the older Wankys catalog of short/fast/loud scorchers, high-velocity ragers best suited for pogo, chaos, and slam dancing. Scathing material with Mark's most pointed and topical political lyrics yet. This is the sound that made me fall in love with The Wankys to begin with.

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