The Sickness - Complete Sickness LP

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In short: 1979. Before Kilslug. Before Groinoids. Everything from this band that loved Flipper.

Official Description:
Before there was Kilslug, the Groinoids or Upsidedown Cross, Larry Lifeless' dulcet tones were part and parcel of THE SICKNESS' cure for normalcy. Now considered the godfathers of whatever noise rock bullshit alter you routinely pray to, Larry and compatriot BIG DADDY were pariahs of the new wave circuit circa 1981 BUT LOOK WHO'S LAUGHING NOW. THAT'S RIGHT, ME, SITTING ON A STASH OF TOTALLY LEGIT, AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME TIME SICKNESS LP's, pressed in an edition of 500 by Macedonia's OPA4INA. Includes the way, way, way the fuck out of print "Corpsemonger" b/w "Regurgitation" 7" (Stinky Bike, 1981), unreleased studio stuff, live & rehearsal bits plus exhaustive liner notes (SUCK ON THAT, LIGHT IN THE ATTIC)

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