The Sick - Matohazure LP

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Official Description:
PUNK BAND from Tsuyama to the future via Scandinavia, The Sick! Their masterpiece album released in 2008 is a miracle record!

The unique style of uniquely interpreting 80's SWEDISH HARDCORE and incorporating Japanese poetry never fades!
all 10 songs that will surely shoot through the hearts of all punks! !!

* Okayama, which was also well received by two demo tapes and one 7-inch single released before the comment at the
time of our CD release, is a hardcore punk "THE SICK" from Tsuyama CITY! !! The long-awaited debut album!! While the route shows the influence of the conventional SWEDISH / SCANDINAVIAN HARD CORE PUNK such as ASTA KASK ~ STREBERS, it also incorporates Japanese Vo, and their unique noriness and sense are already exploding! !! All 10 songs are recorded in the high-speed PUNK ROCK sound with a sense of speed and outstanding momentum, full of nostalgia, and full of the catchiest Vo. melodies and singalongs! !! All Scandinavian HARD CORE PUNK~SVENSKA TRALL PUNK/MELODIC PUNK lovers, Takahashi-gumi and WART are a must-listen & big recommendation! !!

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