Terminal Filth - Death Driven CD

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Official Description:
The obvious clue to Berlin band Terminal Filth’s area of expertise is in their Deviated Instinct-referencing moniker. Unsurprisingly, Terminal Filth’s barrelling full-length debut, Death Driven, also referenced the enduring influence of groups like Antisect, Axegrinder, and Extinction Of Mankind. Terminal Filth’s anvil-heavy crust oozed apocalyptic doom as reeking and hulking dirges mixed with more sharply pointed attacks. Death Driven provided the best of both worlds; the primordial darkness of old and modern-day crust war rage. Perfect for fresh-faced and ancient crusties to sink their rotten teeth into.

Crashing cymbals, guttural and nearly blackened-style vocals, gnarly hardcore breakdowns, and impossibly swift rhythm shifts make TERMINAL FILTH the current masters of international-style hardcore/stenchcore. This full-length is jammed with some heavy-hitting material! The band calls Berlin home, but they recently played in Portland, Oregon, so I’m hoping to see some more US dates develop. For me, this is worth seeing live. If you’re in the mood for heavy, metallic crust, then definitely check out TERMINAL FILTH and grab one of these LPs. ( MRR #479, April 2023 )

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