Taste/Infecated split CD

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Official Description:
Death metal master from Sendai, TASTE collaborating with Ho Chi Minh's death/thrash metal guerrilla INFECATED for this unforgiven  and no mercy 4 tracks death metal assault CD.

As the first extreme metal band in the Sendai area, Taste not only opened up the extreme trend of the whole region, but also continuing to help improve it's recording technology and it's playing style during their 20 years reign as a band. This split work pays well as Taste's high complex metamorphosis technology usage and proves their extreme tap in the northeast. The status is unshakable.

Infecated is the old-school death metal torrent band established last year. It is a very young band from Vietnam, which almost unknown. However, the band members are all OGs in Vietnam's extreme scenes. It is Bolt Thrower, the Bolt Thrower of the Vietnam!

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