Sun Children Sun/Total Ponkotsu System split 7"

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Official Description:
The mingle of the munky regtae world? TOTAL PONTCOTSU SYSTEM that creates a party and funny sound for all each other, and Split 7ep of 8machi Chindon Cosmic Punk SUN CHILDREN SUN, which has been groaning for many years based in Uguisudani!
After the release of the previous work "PONKODELLIC SYNDICATE", Hiroshi, who is also active in new shinosen etc. as a dub engineer, joined and became the first sound source, TPS provides the first song "Boredom" that combines the melody like Showa Kayo with a monochrome nostalgic and immediately unsavoury catch while focusing on the reggae -dub-like approach that swings with both the calmness of their style and the sense of rhythm.
And as a result of the synthesizer's disappearing from the Mexican star after the 1st album release, Mr. Singo of ex-OSEN joined as a djmbe & synth, and Mr. Patrick of ex-SHIT AND HIS SPECS joined as a base, but there was no release other than participating in V/A sponsored by VOGOS, the guitar is backed by nobody knows reggae and dub well, and Snare is Khan! Wouldn't it be good if it rang? And provided "Babylon To Zion" made by repeatedly bending while being aware of the TPS of the split opponent.
Toyo Kasei Cutting & 300 sheets press is one piece that the punk feeling that esses out without being able to become tropical without both intentions and without becoming habit

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