Sun Children Sun - self-titled LP

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Official Description:
With their eclectic mix of fast hardcore, pop-punk, ska and reggae, off-kilter instrumentation, and shit-fi artistry, Sun Children Sun makes music that is both genius and idiocy, an expression of wild rage against our fucked up world but also an exuberant celebration of the joys of life. With reckless abandon and a neverending stream of energy, they make music on their own terms, a totally unique expression of "punk". Coupled to an electrifying live show, and you've got my favorite band in the world right now. This LP has been the most anticipated release here at SPHC, and we're so happy to bring it into the world.

A-side is brand new material from their self-titled CD on mAjor Label, B-side is material from their split CD with Super Floor on Depression Records and split 7" with The Act We Act on We Suck Records. None of these releases received any distribution outside Japan.

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