Sun Children Sun - Bizarre Feverre LP

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Parents generally say they love all their children equally, so it could be distasteful to admit this. But as the big label daddy, I do have my favorites. And Sun Children Sun is maybe my favorite SPHC band.

For me, Sun Children Sun is freedom, in all the ways that punk can still excite and thrill me. Freedom from expectation and convention, freedom to be your individual self on your own path with your own voice. A complex swirling of emotions, simultaneously joyful and cynical, both genius and stupidity, because we live as punks in a world that brings all of this and more into our daily lives.
Anton told me the new LP would be "Sedicion meets power metal". I'm hearing Peggio Punx sipping the ol' anarchy water we couldn't do without on the SCS/LF USA tour back in the day. That same clean guitar minimalist hardcore with wacky instrumentation, but the songwriting has become a little less spazztic and a little more song-oriented, which is helped a lot by the addition of a bass player.

Sun Children Sun never fails to bring a smile to my face. And when you too get on that anarchy water, you'll be grinning ear to ear as well.

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