Summer of Death - Bolt Nine Chambers + the Demos CD

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Official Description:
SUMMER OF DEATH is a band from Tokyo playing some kind of late UK / US 80's and early Earache style. This CD compiles their work from demo to first Ep. 

Here it comes finally! ex-FILTHY HATE/DEATHTRIBE/HERMIT PROSE members in this new band, called Summer Of Death (S.O.D), their sounds invite so many thrashing crust metal punks. They've released a demo cd-r, but playing much with various bands. It's like old and new, one and only in Japan. CROSSOVER THRASH CRUST METAL PUNK HARDCORE! think U.K/CONCRETE SOX / SACRILEGE / NAPALM DEATH / RIPCORE / HERESEY~U.S  / D.R.I.,ITALY  / RAW POWER and more. - Hardcore Survive/ Japan. 

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