Sociedad De Mierda/Excomulgados/Venganza - 1985-1989 3-way split CD

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In 2018, the valuable sound source at that time was turned into 7", and the existence of Pervian primitive hardcore fans, SOCIEDAD DE MIERDA!
A 32-song collapsed music compilation album that "almost" summarizes the rare sound sources of SdeM and the two bands that the members were subsequently involved in was released in 2021 by IMPULSO RUIN and STREET RECORDS in Peru. And it also comes with a full 40-page booklet edited with plenty of affection!

The SdeM that originated from each band was saul(Vo), El(Gt), Pedro (Ba), Riki (Dr) in Lima, Peru in 1985.

Formed by four people. One of the most RAW bands in Peruvian hardcore is a label story, but if you've listened to a previously 7" sound source, as you know, it includes 11 songs (8 tracks) that expose everything, where emotions run dozens of steps ahead of the performance. When I listened to it, it seems that the third song of "7" that had been out before is not included on this CD. However, 7" has three live songs and rehearsals that have not been recorded Studio Two songs have been added.

The following EXCOMULGADOS is a band that SdeM drummer Riki was a vocalist. Includes eight songs from EUTANASIA in Peru and split TAPE released in 1986.
There is a slight sense of alignment than SdeM, but this is also a very noisy superb Pervian Row hardcore.

And VENGANZA is also a band with Riki as a vocalist and bassist Pedro who also worked in SdeM, and it seems that only live and rehearsal sound sources were left here, but it recorded 16 songs in 1988. The sound quality is not good, but the noisyness is also modestly strumming simple and angry low punk rock.

And the included 40-page booklet is in full Spanish, but it is a good content that valuable articles, photos, flyers, etc. of the time were firmly edited. Mini posters are also attached.

By the way, SdeM's frontman, Sal Emiso, passed away in 2001, but the other three seem to be working as journalists and started magazines.

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