Smell Corpses - 5 Track EP

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(Harimau Asia Label)

Official Description:
Southeast Asia is a hardcore band, SMALL CORPORATIONS, formed in Pisanurak in northern Thailand in 2016 after a predecessor band, mainly in Chiang Mai, a tourist city in northern Thailand. "The affected is Charge and Lose", and the D-beat sound as it should not be professed is made to be heard. This work is an analogization of a 5-song CDR that was limited to 33 pieces in 2017.
Mastering by Mr. Suda, a famous engineer at yotsubashi LM Studio in Osaka, the rough sound that was so crisp that the glass cracks becomes clearer and powerful, and it attacks the ears of the listening person! The jacket is a "photo jacket" of two kinds of "dokro illustration jacket" and "photo jacket".

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