Slap Happy Humphrey - self-titled LP

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Official Description:
The world of Doji appears and disappears through the stormy noise like sunlight through a tree... Slap Happy Humphrey is the world's only cover band of noise-tinged Doji Morita, and the world's only cover band of Doji Morita.
Folk and noise - at first glance these two seemingly contradictory elements create a miraculous space. Itakura Mineko's voice is also good. Morita Doji is definitely present, albeit vaguely, behind the noise... Mineko Itakura of Angelin Heavy Syrup, Hiroshi Fujiwara of Sabertooth and Mineko Itakura of JOJO Heavy Syrup are all present in the concept of "performing Morita Doji in the noise", which had been conceived by Hiroshige JOJO. JOJO was formed with Hiroaki Fujiwara of Sabertooth Blaze.

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