Sky Mars - (Sun Gaze Feeling) EP

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(Hardcore Survives)

Official Description:
NIIGATA CITY HARDCORE PUNK FROM HELL! SKY MARS, a living guide to Niigata CITY HC PUNK, composed of members of Hakuchi/AGE/Blow Back/Mad Rex/Scrum Half! Finally, the long-awaited 1st 7" EP is here! The fusion of Japanese HC / Metallic HC / Fast Thrash hammers the astringency and eguchi unique to veteran members to the marrow of the bones, as you can see from the members' history! A flash of rebellion like a razor sharpened without any compromise. Flesh and bones are cut off by the sharpest blade! The cover artwork is by member Masashi/Gu. 2 songs / 250 sheets pressed.

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