Skarnio/Forca Macabra split 7"

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Official Description:
Criminal Attack Records is
proud to announce its newest release - two of the biggest and most legendary bands together in a 7" vinyl split with fully unreleased tracks!!! We are talking about the Finns of THE MACABRE FORCE and the Brazilians of SKARNIO. The Finns of FORÇA MACABRA, founded in the city of Helsinki in 1991, made an unusual decision: compose in Portuguese for being great enthusiasts of Brazilian bands both of punk, as well as metal of the 80s, such as: Armageddom, Lobotomy, Rats of Basement, Atlantic Dorsal, MX, Anthares, Chakal, Sarcophagus, among others... With their manic and brutal Thrash-Core Attack/Hardcore/Punk, they have conquered in more than 30 years of band numerous releases and hundreds of shows throughout Europe, Japan, USA, Mexico, and of course Brazil. In this split the band brings together 3 new tracks really brutal!! On the other side of the ball we have the band responsible for the name acquired by THE MACABRE FORCE, after all, who has heard the chorus "SINISTER FORCE, MACABRE FORCE ..." you know we're talking about SKARNIO. The Brazilian band that started in 1986 in the city of São Paulo, with its furious MetalPunk / Hardcore have released the classic "Pobre Natureza", in addition to two excellent CDs: "Abismo" 2016 and "Horrors da Vida" 2021, and also numerous compilations. SKARNIO is a Brazilian Hardcore/Punk classic from the 1980s, with a lot of influence from Finnish Punk. Here the band presents two tracks of what we already expect from the band, BRUTALITY! The cover and back cover of the split depicts a critique of the current Nazi worm president of Brazil and was performed by Fernando JFL (Echoes of Death). Limited pressing on exactly 470 copies (250 on black vinyl and 220 on red vinyl).

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