Sil Khannaz – Doctrine to Hell / Assassin Led by Blasphemy - Demos (1990 - 1992) LP

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Official Description:
Satanic Death Metal cult from Selangor, West Malaysia formed in 1987. Mostly known for the legendary “Conception of Madness” album from 1993. In this LP we present their early demo recordings:
“Doctrine to Hell” Demo 1990: a crusade of total raw Death Metal influenced by Sarcofago, Morbid Angel and early Sodom. This first demo was recorded at the same place of Rator’s Evil Symphony demo and included Lee Space on the drums.
On the B side we have the devastating “Assassin Led By Blasphemy” Demo 1992, which is for sure, one of the most brutal demo tapes from Asia’s extreme metal.

The 16 page booklet include an interview with Jaie done by Zzooouhh, flyers, old zine apparences and lot of never seen photos from their early days.

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