Sete Star Sept/Grinder Bueno split 7"

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(Bringer of Gore Records)

So this is one I was really excited about! Because Kiyasu and Kae told me Grinder Bueno was the best band they played with on their 2013 Euro tour, and I had never even heard of them, so I was really keen to check them out.
Their side is really cool and I totally understand why they like this band so much, this fits really nicely into their taste. Really disheveled and scattered raw grindcore/noisecore/noisegrind/whatever. It's super chaotic and wild sounding, it's really energetic, the sound is super blown out and fuzzed out, overall it just feels really well conceptualized and orchestrated. Even the long dirge at the end feels properly cool in context. I would like to hear more from this band!
Sete Star Sept side is good too, you know how they do, you dig it (or you don't, whatever).

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