September 2021 New Arrivals

Posted by -Kamikaze Dan on 10/1/2021
Hello world, 

Another relatively last-minute one. I basically had to take a step back from label/distro shit in September because I started a new job and that unexpectedly took all my time and attention this past month.

I wasn't expecting leaving my old job at BLS to be quite so emotionally taxing on me. But I guess after 7 years I'd just become so attached to all my coworkers and the environment and such. It's funny, I've always advocated to my friends that jobs are just jobs, there's no reason to ever sacrifice yourself for work, never show any loyalty to those bastards that have no loyalty to you and view you as totally expendable/interchangeable.....but I never really practiced what I preached. It's in my nature to be loyal and committed far beyond the norm. And that had me so emotionally attached to my job, not really the work itself as much as my coworkers and the identity/routine and such. After 3 going away parties, a lot of e-mails and phone calls, I was pretty emotionally depleted. And, you know, I hate change, my routine gets disrupted, etc, whole process made me very cranky for awhile too.

I took a promotion to work in another little niche of the federal government, doing civil rights work. Which is cool, feels like a reasonable way of putting my ideals into practice. And I'm working under an acquaintance of mine, so that's comfortable. Now that I've settled a little, I'm feeling a bit more positive....which I knew I would in the end hahaha. Just gotta let yourself feel and then keep moving forward. 

And now that my life has stabilized a bit, I can return to thinking about punk shit. So hopefully going forward, the webstore will be updated on a bit more flow basis, social media returns, shipping never really suffered but hopefully we'll continue to get orders out the door in a reasonable turntime.




First off, if you have a need for speed, I highly recommend the new Atrofia Cerebral/Adolf Shitter split 7". If you remember the Atrofia Cerebral LP I recently released, you already know the drill: relentless anti-musical nihilistic noisecore brutality. Insane shit, not for the weak. Adolf Shitter side is a doozy too. I'll write more about this on the Instagram I guess.
I was also very impressed with this new Gasp LP. Although I suppose it's just new to me and new to vinyl, originally being a 2018 CD release. Similar to their recent EP, this focuses more on abstract soundscapes and experimental compositions with brief power violence attacks interspersed throughout. A very engaging listen.
On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have a nice big stack of oi from around the world. I know there's a lot of anticipation for Repeat Offender new EP, and I was seriously impressed with the Ogro tape, a thoughtful and crafted work made with notable care and consideration. We also got more copies of Mess LP, in case anybody missed out the first time around.

We got a nice spread of Scandinavian shit, whether you want it on CD or vinyl. Of course I'm pumped to have The Bristles - Ban the Punk Shops LP reissued on vinyl, but there's a lot to be said for having The Vikings Are Coming comp CD on a format that plays in my car, with the seasons changing and all. Once the snow hits, of course I'll want those Crude SS tracks easily available.
I also want to hype up Taraxes/Eristetyt/Etuaste/Kavala SS 4-way split 12" a little. Two Finnish bands and two Greek bands on this one, and all of them are solid, but man the Eristetyt tracks are CRAZY good. Some of the best traditional Finnish hardcore of recent years. Highly recommended!!!

And we got a nice spread of punk shit from the rest of the world too. There's a lot of hype around Moonscape LP and it's well-deserved, it's a monster of a record! And I kinda figure there should be some excitement around Downright Vulgarities comp CD, a sampler of current Japanese hardcore from Kyushu Island. While Kyushu Island is historically known as the birthplace of noise punk, they've certainly got more traditional-sounding shit covered too. Check those Gaido tracks, fuck.
For me, I am most pumped on this Karne Krua EP, a reissue of their 1991 demo tape onto vinyl. I'm a big fan of this band and their style of Brazilian hardcore brutality, and this demo sees them at an interesting formative stage, a liiiitle more punk sounding and tuneful than they'd evolve into.

And we couldn't resist getting a nice stack of Mystery Girl first LP. After a few 7"s, they make the jump to a proper album, and it couldn't be better. Ripping power-pop from the same playbook as Exploding Hearts.

For more commentary on this stuff and more, please scope our Instagram page, where we review choice new arrivals as they come. If it sounds cool when we talk about it, it'll sound even cooler when you hear it streaming on the online store, and even cooler still when you buy the record and slap it on your turntable. 

next month:
-all the latest and greatest hardcore from Colombia
-plenty of Swedish kang
-more goregrind and grindcore
-classic Indonesian hardcore
-more Japanese shit

and more more more !!

Thanks and talk more in October.