Sekiri - Sekiri Early Years Live LP

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Official Description:
The first analogue version of dysentery's early live sound source collection!
A total of 25 tracks selected by JOJO Hiroshige, head of Alchemy Records, from the live sound sources left over from 1983-1988!

The members are Miyu (vo), Kumiko (g), Yu (b) and Aya (ds). The band's sound is heavy with a hardcore tingle and a pop feel at the same time, of course in the "dysentery style". The live show before their record debut in 1985 was particularly special, especially the 11 songs at Eggplant, Osaka, November 1984!

¦Recorded live performances
November 1984 Eggplant, Osaka (11 songs)
1986 Seibu Auditorium (2 songs)
20 Sep 1987 Osaka Eggplant (5 songs)
9 Jan 1988 Shibuya La Mama (7 songs)

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