See You in Hell - Zivot Ve Strachu LP

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(Czech Republic)

This is probably the record I was most excited about in 2019. See You in Hell is one of the great unsung heroes of DIY punk. I think their importance cannot be understated, and I think they have been and continue to be one of the absolute best bands in the game. Filip's passing a few years ago was so tragic and I still think about him on most days....still remember his smiling face, his nervous laugh.....I remember him chastising me for living in grungy punk houses in the hood as an adult and I thought about that when I moved to Minneapolis and got my own clean and organized apartment all to myself. I felt like "Filip would be really happy to see this place" LOL. I really miss him. A lot.

Well I had a lot of anticipation about a new See You in Hell LP. Without Filip's guiding hand, how would it sound now? Two new guitar players, younger guys, will that bring new energy or new influence?

I'm really happy that Tomas, Jozka, and Beno came through on this. I think this is absolutely one of the best hardcore records of 2019, and it picks up exactly where Jed LP left off. High-charge hardcore punk, memorable riffs and powerful playing, heavy Japanese hardcore influence but with a distinct Czech/eastern European sense of songwriting and arrangement. A little less "epic", a little more "heavy" than the last few records.....heavier arrangements, less nonstop drive...and two guitars allows for a lot of interesting interplay and a very FULL sound. Overall, it's fucking incredible.

See You in Hell is currently on tour throughout southeast Asia, with a pit stop in Dubai (!!!!!), and they don't show any signs of slowing down. They're going to continue to be one of the best bands in punk. That really makes me happy, and I think Filip would be happy too.

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