Saturday Night Karaoke - Millennial Kicks EP

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Official Description:
A new single of popular "SATURDAY NIGHT KARAOKE" with a band representing the Indonesian pop punk scene appeared!
This is the first 7" single the band has dreamed of.
At the end of last year, we released a cover of PiGGiES in digital single, and it became a big excitement, but it is a long-awaited new work.
Initially, it was popular in their home countries of Indonesia and Japan, but the 2nd album was released from Waterslide in Japan, Monster Zero in Europe, and Outloud in the United States, and the popularity spread worldwide at a stretch.
Nofx's Fat Mike commented on their songs while riding a bike, so I buzzed with them in the U.S.
Now, this new release is a set of labels that have supported them so far: Bloated Kat (US), Monster Zero (Europe), Quickening (Indonesia), and SP & Waterslide (Japan).
There were rumors that the cover of PiGGiES would be included, but this work is coming to the game with their original 4 songs!
The opening song greetings with the surf pop GREEN DAY SNK clause, and the second song is the first song written by Andresa, who has released a solo album from Alien Snatch in Germany under the name of BATTLEBEATS.
This is a melancholy song reminiscent of Danny Vapid that breathes a new wind to SNK. A love song that inspired the third Japanese girl. And the last is the first analogization of their representative song "Bam Bam Bam"!
If you are a 3-chord pop punk fan, it will not disappoint new work!

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