Satan's Cheerleaders - What the Hell 2xLP+CD

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Official Description:
After Insanity Defense and Fatal Vision this is the 3rd chapter, in F.O.A.D.’s mission to reissue the entire Unsound Music catalog on vinyl. LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK HARDCORE! Complete SC recordings 1982-1986 for the first time on vinyl, showing the band’s progression from rabid, frantic 2-chords HC to a more evolved, bizarre yet explosive approach.
DOUBLE LP (45 tracks!) with:
– “Created in your image” Demo 1982
– “Bark twice for freedom” Demo 1984
– “Hell is for hippies” Demo 1986
BONUS CD (30 tracks!) with ultra-rare demos:
– “That annoying static cling”
– “Ass backwards”
…both never released in any format up to now. These two bonus sessions on CD are both rough home-recordings and unearth an embryonic stage of the band, that will definitely make your day if you’re into ultra-sloppy stuff like Psycho Sin and Crab Society North!
Gatefold jacket with 16 page fanzine styled booklet including lyrics, photos and original artworks.

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