Sarushibai - [Pride of a Person in the Shadows] LP

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In November 2023, I drove Sarushibai around for 12 days of a USA tour, a wonderful adventure of guns, dispensaries, karaoke, crazy house shows, and the finest American cuisine. Having this quality time together helped me understand my friends' band on a deeper level.

To understand Sarushibai, it's easy to start from the classic Japanese PUNK sounds of ADK Records, Alchemy Records, Political Records. Bands like The Stalin, Kikeiji, Sekiri, Inu, Aburadako, LSD, Nurse, Typhus.

Start there, and take a step forward, because Sarushibai is more about 'the spirit' of these bands than limiting themselves to a genre exercise. To create punk free from the codifications and expectations of 30+ years of hardcore, something a little more rock and artistic, something a little more moody and personal. "Music for social outcasts", music that takes chances on an individualist level.

And then take that step to the left that can sometimes be found from small town bands. Fujioka City is a tiny ass place, a countryside town removed from the hustle and bustle of the metropolises often synonymous with the rich history of Japanese punk. Small town bands often have to struggle through their own paths, struggle to find members, crafting style without context, creating their own opportunities with their own hands. But these struggles can make for the most exciting and unique outcomes.

I love small town punk, I love bands with personality, I love The Stalin. So of course I love the Sarushibai LPs that bring all these elements together.

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