Sadie and the Wives - self-titled EP

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Official Description:
On a killing spree while they’re still protected by the Youth Justice Act, Southern Ontario’s SADIE & THE WIVES take a violent approach to classic hardcore and bring out a whole new level of intensity in raw punk. Their debut 7” holds nothing back as they frantically squeeze out 4 ripping tracks, only settling down to deliver infectious, crawl-mosh fuelling breakdown riffs. They have a sound that’s reminiscent of early 80’s hardcore combined with the raw new school hardcore sound in the vein of bands like S.H.I.T and GAG. This record is 6 minutes of pure psychosis, ranging from unhinged d-beat blasts to fist pumping mid-paced riffs, all backed with hate filled vocals that feel like a direct attack on the listener. These kids are the future.

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