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The legendary band "SS" suddenly appeared in 1978, on the eve of the birth of hardcore punk. Their valuable live sound recordings, regarded at the time as the fastest in the world, are now available in long-awaited analogue form for the first time!

Remastered LP of SS, a classic in 80s indie history SS is the most important Japanese punk rock band, who, together with INU, Ultrabide and Arnt Sally, shaped the Kansai punk rock scene as the centre of Kansai NO WAVE. The world's fastest hardcore punk rock band SS left their soundtrack to Alchemy. The album contains a live performance from 1979 (36 tracks, 34 mins), but it's faster than the original hardcore bands that came after them. SS LIVE! is another classic album representing the early days of Japanese punk, although it is often overshadowed by INU's Don't Eat Meals, which was active at the same time.

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