SOB-Kaidan - Noise, Violence & Destroy LP

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Official Description:
Osaka representatives S.O.B., who are said to have influenced grind giants Napalm Death, have teamed up with noise violence collective Emergency Staircase for this release. The result is a fast, cool, unprecedented fast guitar, fast drums, death-voiced vocals and noise, with noise echoing in the background.
SOB Stairway is a unit combining S.O.B., a hardcore band from Osaka in the 1980s, and Emergency Stairway. 3,000 copies were released on analogue vinyl in 1988 and were soon sold out. It has since been released on CD three times, with a total of more than 5,000 copies pressed, also sold out and is currently out of print. This masterpiece, which has long been in demand for reissue both at home and abroad, has now been released in full!

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